Digital X-Rays

Digital X-Rays

Digital X-rays, also known as digital radiographs, are a type of X-ray that uses a sensor to capture images. These images can be viewed on a computer screen and shared with your dentist.

Digital X-rays offer several benefits over traditional X-rays. They are faster, safer, and more accurate. Digital X-rays also use less radiation than traditional X-rays. In addition, they can be enhanced with computer software to make viewing them easier.  

Our dentist at MountainView Dental may recommend digital X-rays for diagnostic purposes. These images allow the dentist to see what is happening inside your mouth and jaw. They can help diagnose problems that may be hidden from the naked eye. 

Applications of Digital X-Rays

Diagnosis and Treatment Planning

Digital X-rays are pivotal in diagnosing various dental conditions, including cavities, periodontal disease, impacted teeth, and bone abnormalities. They provide essential information for treatment planning and monitoring oral health.


Orthodontists use digital X-rays to assess the position and development of teeth, jaws, and facial structures. This information guides orthodontic treatment planning for braces and aligners.


In endodontic procedures like root canal therapy, digital X-rays help our dentist in Hurricane, UT, visualize the root canals and assess the success of treatment. 

Implant Dentistry

Digital X-rays are indispensable in implant dentistry for the precise placement of dental implants. They aid in evaluating bone quality and quantity, ensuring optimal implant success.

The Benefits of Digital X-Rays in Dentistry

Reduced Radiation Exposure

Digital X-ray systems require significantly less radiation to produce internal images compared to how much is needed by traditional film-based X-rays. This reduction in radiation exposure enhances patient safety, especially for individuals who require frequent X-rays as part of their dental treatment. 

Immediate Results

Digital X-ray images are available almost instantly on a computer screen. This immediate feedback allows dental professionals to discuss findings and treatment options with patients in real time, leading to quicker diagnosis and treatment planning.

Enhanced Image Quality

Digital X-rays in Hurricane, UT, offer higher image resolution and clarity than traditional film X-rays. This improved image quality allows dental practitioners to detect even minor dental issues, such as cavities and bone abnormalities, at an earlier stage, contributing to more accurate diagnoses. 

Environmentally Friendly

Digital X-rays do not need chemical processing, which is required for film-based X-rays. This reduces the environmental impact and eliminates the disposal of hazardous chemicals associated with traditional X-ray processing. 

Enhanced Patient Education

Digital X-rays make it easier for dental professionals to educate patients about their oral health. By displaying and explaining the digital images on a computer screen, patients better understand their conditions and treatment options.

Digital X-rays have ushered in a new era of precision, efficiency, and patient comfort in dentistry. These advanced imaging systems have become indispensable tools for dental professionals, helping them provide accurate diagnoses and tailored treatment plans. For the best care, visit MountainView Dental at 52 South 850 West, Suite 201, Hurricane, UT 84737, or call (435) 635-9471. 

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