How Can I Prevent Damages to My Dental Crown?

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When dental infection, injury, or oral trauma compromises the quality of a tooth, the best option to fully restore the tooth may be to place a dental crown. We offer tips on proper dental crown care to help you prevent damages and keep the dental restoration in good shape.

Dental crown materials available at Mountain View Dental include porcelain, porcelain fused with metal, and gold. Depending on your specific needs, we can provide an appropriate material and ensure the crown meets the requirements for protection, appearance and strength. Even teeth that are healthy but discolored can benefit from dental crowns.

The following care for dental crowns can prevent damages and keep your crown looking great:

– Hard candy and ice can damage a crown, so don’t chew on these.

– Use scissors and not your teeth to open packages.

– Refrain from chewing on your fingernails.

– If you know that you grind and clench your teeth, speak with our dentist about bruxism treatment.

– Thoroughly brush your dental crown and all of your teeth to stop any cavities.

– Floss around the dental crown every day, especially where the gums and tooth meet.

– Keep tartar at bay by visiting the dentist twice a year for dental cleanings.

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