Dentistry Year-in-Review: Dental Erosion Prevention

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It is important to always care for your smile so that enamel erosion cannot take place. It is essential to always brush and floss on a daily basis to ensure that enamel erosion and poor oral hygiene do not thrive. Erosion will occur if plaque buildup arises in your mouth, so always be sure to keep your mouth clean.

The foods and drinks we consume can easily lead to dental erosion as well, so it is essential to always clean your mouth after eating. Due to the potential for toothpaste to be too abrasive for your teeth at after eating, consider substitute treatments like mouthwash to keep your mouth clean. Furthermore, saliva production is crucial for neutralizing acids in your mouth and washing away harmful debris, so consider chewing sugarless gum to stimulate saliva flow.

Along with rinsing and washing your mouth after your meals, it is critical that your teeth and gums are kept healthy through a balanced diet that is low in sugar and avoids other products that can easily contribute to dental erosion. Extremely acidic foods and drinks with a low pH level are known to cause dental erosion. Furthermore, try to consume foods that are high in calcium and phosphorus, which are minerals that help to remineralize and protect your tooth enamel.

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