Your Child Should See a Dentist in Their First Year

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Becoming a parent is a big responsibility. Guiding a child through life and preserving their health and well-being encompasses many different aspects.

For many parents, the first year raising their first child can be filled with questions both big and small. One of the many concerns during this period is the development and emergence of your child’s primary teeth.

Sometimes referred to as baby teeth, these tend to emerge from the young periodontal tissues around four to six months old. Usually, the bottom two front teeth are the first to emerge, and it often takes two full years for their entire complement of teeth to erupt.

The American Dental Association recommends that your child attend a routine dental checkup at some point in their first year. This simple appointment will allow a professional dentist like Dr. Jeremy D. Hatch to examine their teeth and assess the overall health of their mouth.

It might be helpful to schedule their first dental checkup after a regular nap time, and after your son or daughter has been fed. This will reduce their chances of fussing.

The appointment is also a good opportunity for you to ask Dr. Hatch any pertinent oral health questions. This could include teething, development of their oral structure, or how to maintain their oral hygiene.

If you live in the Hurricane, Utah, area and your child needs a dental checkup, or you have an oral care concern, please call 435-635-9471 to schedule a checkup with Dr. Hatch and the oral care specialists at Mountain View Dental.