What Increases Your Risk of Oral Cancer?

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Oral cancer is an awful condition affecting thousands of new patients annually, with less chance of recovery the more advanced it becomes. You can protect yourself from oral cancer by scheduling regular screenings and understanding what can put you at risk for the disease.

Using tobacco is one of the most common risk factors for oral cancer, and historically, tobacco users over the age of 50 have made up the majority of oral cancer diagnoses. You may also be 15 times more likely to develop cancer if you consume alcohol, as opposed to patients who don’t drink. Cancer can also arise from UV radiation. The human papillomavirus (HPV), a sexually-transmitted disease, is a rising cause of cancer among younger people, especially if they have a poor immune response to the virus.

The later oral cancer is detected, the harder it is to treat, and so we urge you to receive frequent oral cancer screenings. At Mountain View Dental, you can have your throat, mouth, and neck examined as part of your regular dental cleanings and exams. We encourage you to contact the dentist’s office today if you have spotted any potential signs of oral cancer, including unexplained rough spots, bumps, lumps, or bleeding, or have experienced a loss of feeling in your face and mouth. With early detection, we can provide conservative treatment and improve your chances of recovery.

If you are concerned about the effects of oral cancer or need to schedule an oral cancer screening in Hurricane, Utah, contact our Dr. Jeremy D. Hatch and our team at 435-635-9471 today.