Pregnancy: How It Could Affect Your Gums

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Do you have a new baby coming into your life soon? As your body undergoes changes, some you may be expecting, but did you know that your hormonal changes could also affect your dental health? The changes in your hormone levels could elevate your chances for certain conditions like gum disease and small round bumps called pregnancy tumors.

Gum Disease
Having your hormones repeatedly change may cause swelling in your gums, which can ultimately progress into a condition called pregnancy gingivitis. You may have pregnancy gingivitis if your gums are tender, pink, red or bleed easily. Our dentist may recommend that you should have professional cleanings more frequently to help treat pregnancy gingivitis until you give birth.

When you’re at home, you can continue your dental health care routine by using a soft-bristled toothbrush twice a day to help prevent plaque buildup. Flossing once a day, in addition to brushing, can also help fight off plaque buildup and prevent gingivitis as dental floss can get into spaces between teeth that brushes can’t reach.

Pregnancy Tumors
Despite having a scary name, pregnancy tumors are not malignant. They can appear like small raspberries between your teeth and may show up during your second trimester. If they cause you discomfort, Dr. Jeremy D. Hatch can remove them in most cases, but they usually disappear after your baby is born.

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