Conquering Dental Anxiety and Dental Phobia

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If you experience dental anxiety or fear, we can help you. Dr. Jeremy D. Hatch and the team at Mountain View Dental will provide you gentle treatment respectful of your needs. Here are some of the things you can do to start conquering your dental anxiety and dental phobia.

Identify the root causes of your fear. Once you’ve got a handle on the root causes behind your dental phobia, you can start working on a solution. Identifying the factors contributing to your anxiety will help you work past them to start enjoying your dentist’s appointments.

Ask a loved one to accompany you on your appointment. With a loved one you trust sitting nearby, your dental appointment will be that much easier for you. The comforting presence of a trusted friend is a great help in combatting dental anxiety.

Soothe your mind with music, a magazine, or a book. You might consider spending your time in our waiting room by listening to music or reading a book or magazine. By distracting your mind, you will be able to prevent your anxious thoughts from running wild.

Let us know right away if you’re feeling nervous. If you’re feeling nervous, we want to know immediately: your feelings are an important part of your treatment. We do our best to recognize all patient needs, so if you’re feeling nervous, then let us know and we’ll check with you before continuing treatment.

Ask our team about nitrous oxide. Nitrous oxide is like dental phobia medicine. By using a little bit of this sedation gas, we can help ease your fears and anxieties during your visit to our office.

If you experience dental phobia in Hurricane, Utah, our dentist (Dr. Jeremy D. Hatch) and the team at Mountain View Dental will take good care of you. We are trained to help all patients enjoy relaxing, comfortable visits to our office. Please call us at 435-635-9471 now to schedule an appointment.